How to access your Report Online

1. When your tests have been performed in Renuka Diagnostics and your report is ready, the system generates an SMS to your mobile number. This mobile number is the one which you have registered with us at the time of registration.

2. Log on to our official website

3. Click on "View your Test Report" which will take you to our Patient Interface page.

4. Please enter your username and password [in capitals] in the space provided and click "Go".

5. On the Patient Information Page, click on "Result Report".

6. Your report will appear in PDF format which you will be able to view after full payment of lab dues. Please ensure that you have a recent version of "Adobe Reader" installed in your computer.

7. Please contact the lab if you face any problem.

Understand your Receipt / Bill

Please ask for your Bill/Receipt at the Reception counter. Our Online Maxim-LIS software generates three types on numbers on your receipt –

Registration Number
This is your Lab Number or Patient Identification Number. The lab workflow is based on this particular number. Please save your receipt and quote this number on phone and other enquiries. Your registration number will change with every visit.

Per. Patient Number
On your receipt, please find your Permanent Patient Number on the right side. On your subsequent visits, please quote your Permanent Patient Number at the reception counter. This is advantageous as all your details like name, age, mobile number etc appear automatically from the database memory and need not be typed again. Also, all your previous reports registered on this permanent number can be viewed together.

Bill/Receipt Number
This number is displayed at the top center of your receipt. This number is important for your or your organization's filing/accounting purposes only. This number has no relevance with your report; please do not quote this number for report enquiries.

The bottom of your receipt mentions our website name [] and your unique username and password to access your report online after full payment of lab dues. Please enter the same in capitals.

Please also check your receipt for the following items:

[a] Ensure that your name, age and other details including your doctor's name are printed correctly with the right spelling. It is important that you get any mistakes corrected now, because the same spellings and details will appear in your test report.

[b] Check the names of the test and the charges. Please do not pay more than the amount mentioned. If you are making partial payment, please ensure that the correct details are printed. Please make the balance payment at the time of report collection.

[c] If you are not satisfied with any detail in the receipt/bill or the money charged from you, bring it to the notice of the receptionist or a senior staff member of the lab.

[d] Clarify the report time mentioned in the receipt. To collect your report, please arrive at the date & time mentioned or later.

[e] Renuka Diagnostics will try its best to deliver your report at the mentioned time. However, in some cases, a few reports may get delayed due to reasons beyond the control of the lab, e.g. electric supply, machine breakdown etc. Sometimes a particular result may have to be re-verified/rechecked for quality or reconfirmation purposes. This is for the benefit of the patient. Occasionally a new sample may be requested for retesting. Your cooperation with Renuka Diagnosis is expected in such cases.

View Your Test Report

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